Guide your Prayers

Give a little GRACE.

I am not even sure my five year old daughter, Teagan, knows what the word grace means, but when she asked me for the little wooden signpost painted with GRACE. to put in her room I couldn’t say no.

I was proud of her for wanting to put the piece of painted wood, no bigger than a chalkboard eraser, on the bookshelf that formed her headboard. She liked the word, and I did too. GRACE. It was a word I thought I knew so well, and hoped one day she would too.

One morning a few days later, I woke with a start. My alarm had not gone off!  Or had I pushed the snooze, as I often do in my usual morning stupor.  I had an appointment this morning to get ready for, but more importantly it was a school day! Ugh, we were going to be late.

Teagan, much like her mom, is not a morning person. She needs extra time to fully come around to the idea of leaving the warm, comfort of her bed and prepare for a school day. (Mind you, this only occurs MondayFriday, on weekend mornings she miraculously pops right up bright and early!)

So I kicked into “hurry-up” mode. “Get up Teagan, it is late!”, “You have school!”,”What do you want for breakfast?” My voice began to sound loud and impatient. Teagan semi-raised her head, the waves of her long, golden hair covering one eye, the other peered sleepily in my direction. Her head dropped back down to the softness of her pillow.

Ahem,….I cleared my throat to begin again, but this time I was preparing to give it my mommy doesn’t have the time (or patience) for this voice- you know the one that we hope our friends and neighbors never hear-but I didn’t even get started. GRACE. The word on her signpost caught and held my gaze.

I paused, took in a long, slow breath and closed my eyes. God reminded me that Teagan did not cause the frazzled state I was in that morning. He asked me exactly who needed GRACE more at that moment.  (To be honest, I was not sure who needed it more right then, her or me!)

But I got the message:  I needed not only to acknowledge His loving gift of grace to me, but I also needed to give grace, and show grace and live out this gift through Jesus Christ.

I only thought I knew what the word grace meant. But that morning I was reminded how big the word really is. I am thankful for the lesson and I am in awe with God’s mode of delivery- a small wooden sign and an innocent child who likes the word  GRACE. 

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.  Romans 3:23-24

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