Guide your Prayers

Our Product


Our Material

Prayerful Signs™ are made out of 100% untreated wood.

We are declared righteous through Christ’s sacrifice. Because of His great love for us, He gave us life!

Holding a Prayerful Sign and feeling the weight of the solid piece of wood, reminds us of the cross. How heavy our sins are to carry. Leave your sins at the foot of the cross and accept the amazing gifts of forgiveness & salvation through Jesus!

How heavy the cross must have been to carry & Jesus endured it for you and for me!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the gift you gave us through your Son’s sacrifice.

Our Lettering

PS stands for Pray and Speak.

P-Pray for the virtues on each sign to be instilled in your life.
S-Speak words of life about your identity & character found in Christ.

Every Prayerful Sign has a Psalm verse which is (Ps.) abbreviation or if the verse is not our of Psalms, it has a PS for our company trademark.