Guide your Prayers

Our Story

While reading a book about praying for my children with a Bible study group, I was encouraged to list the things that I pray for my children.

Being a former 1st grade teacher, I started by listing my daughter’s names in acrostic poem form. I began writing words that were coming to my heart as I prayed for them. I had to rely on The Lord’s guidance and what He would want me to pray for them as they were only 2 and 4 years old. Some virtues, I noticed, described their little personalities at the time. Others would be Godly characteristics that my husband & I would pray to be instilled in them, and those would grow and develop over time.

As I continued in the next few weeks thinking & praying for them, more words were coming to my heart that coordinated with the letters in their names. I realized these words would also speak identity & negate the lies of the world that they will inevitably face some day. It became those things, aligned with His Word & His truth, that we pray for them.

A year went by and one day, while making my oldest daughter’s bed and praying for her in this way, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a comment from one of the mom’s in that bible study:

“You should put that on their wall!”

The name Prayerful Signs came to my mind. I remember calling my mom and telling her about it & asking, “Do you think I am hearing things?”

Mom encouraged me to, “Listen to that small voice inside guiding me.”

Prayerful Signs™ was introduced to the public in December 2013.


“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”-Abraham Lincoln