Guide your Prayers

Our Story

My world was turned upside down when a sudden & unexpected death of a best friend happened. She was, at the time, one of my only “stay at home mommy friends.”

I was led to join a Moms group at a church we didn’t attend, where I knew absolutely no one! But I wanted to meet some other stay at home moms and find similar women of faith to walk this journey with.

In this Moms Bible study group we did a book study about praying for your children.

Toward the end of the book, readers are encouraged to list the things they pray for their child/children.

Being a former 1st grade teacher, I started by listing my two daughters’ names in acrostic poem form. I began writing words that were coming to my heart as I prayed for them. I had to rely on The Lord’s guidance and what He would want me to pray for them as they were only 2 and 4 years old. It started to turn into virtues that would need time to grow and develop but some virtues, I noticed, did described their little personalities at the time. Others would be Godly characteristics that we would pray to be instilled in them.

As I continued in the next few weeks praying for them, more words were coming to my heart that coordinated with the letters in their names. I realized these words will speak identity over them & negate the lies of the world that they will inevitably face one day. It became those things, aligned with His Word & His truth, that my husband and I pray for them.

A year went by with many seasons of change, but our prayers remained the same. One day, while making my oldest daughter’s bed and praying for her, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a comment from one of the mom’s in that bible study:

“You should put that on their wall!” The name Prayerful Signs came to mind, and I kept hearing “PS.” My walk at that time was developing and changing so I remember calling my mom and saying, “I think I am hearing things.” Love my mom and her encouraging words, “You should listen to that voice.” Now, 4 years later, I know with 100% certainty whose voice that was!

Prayerful Signs™ was introduced to the public in December 2013.