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I had just experienced a lot of change in a short amount of time. A recent move to a new town, a new house, a child beginning Kindergarten, a sudden death of a best friend, a new church home, a new bible study group! This was ALL in a matter of a couple of years.

I think I found myself and my faith in the new & unknown faster than anything I had ever experienced in my life. When you are thrown in the raging waters, so to speak, you learn to either praise God for what He is doing, look forward to the blessings that will soon come, dive deep & learn to swim -or- you complain, fight and kick against the waves of change, give up & ultimately sink.

I feel like this is where a lot of us meet Jesus & recognize our deep need to partner with Him in this life! As I met Him in this awkward & unknown space I submitted my will for what I thought my life would look like and I received a word that would forever change me.

In the new Moms Bible study group I recently joined, we were encouraged to write down what we pray for our children. Being a former 1st grade teacher, I found it exciting to write my children's names in acrostic style and what I prayed for them would coordinate with the letters in their names. As I spent a few days thinking about this style of prayer for my children, words were coming to my heart & mind that I didn't recognize as my own. I jotted them down anyway and shared with my group at the next meeting.

I'll never forget Sarah. She spoke out loud a seed God wanted to plant!

"You should put that on their wall!"

As I prayed for my Kindergarten daughter one day, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that comment and I heard in my Spirit to "put it on wood, call it Prayerful Signs." I needed confirmation I wasn't hearing things so first phone call was to my mom! She encouraged me to listen to that voice and from that day on God has been driving this Kingdom business and opening doors around every corner!

Prayerful Signs was introduced to my friends and family through a personal Facebook post! Once orders were increasing I opened up a Facebook business page and opened it up to the public.




Don't let me sink or drift away. Pull me out of deep waters and rescue me. I lay down my will and surrender to Yours. I turn away from selfish claims to my own life in order to follow Your direction.