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Replacing The World’s Lies With God’s Truth

For so many of us, we’ve grown up believing lies of the world: “I’m not enough.” “I’m not loved.” “No one cares about me.” “I’m all alone.”

Perhaps it’s because we were raised in single-parent homes and felt the abandonment of losing someone early on. Perhaps it’s because we’ve gone through a broken relationship and foolishly believed that we are to blame. Perhaps it’s because we haven’t yet realized the weight of God’s love in our lives, and rather than leaning on His truth, we’ve allowed ourselves to run away and seek validation from everything else.

For many of us, our pain is deep-seated. We’ve been conditioned to believe the world’s lies, we’ve been taught that we are less and that we are somehow to blame for what’s gone wrong. Especially as the world shifts and we grow older, we see mistake after mistake, sin after sin, and pain after pain—and we lose ourselves—looking inward instead of growing roots in the truth of our Father’s love.

Each person’s story is different, but the core is similar. None of us are perfect; we have all undergone pain. But the way we can replace the world’s lies with God’s truth is by remembering who we were created by.

Our Father is far greater than any obstacle, hardship, broken relationship, loss, death, or burden we face. Our God’s greatness far surpasses the wounds and failures we will make along the road.

We must replace the lies of the world with God’s truth. When we’re overcoming our heartbreak and see happy couples all around us, we must remind ourselves that God will bring us the right person in time. When we’re at the grocery store and see a father and daughter shopping alongside one another, we must remember that the parents we’ve lost are not a measure of our own worthiness. When we’re struggling financially, we must trust that God is in control.

In each and every moment of our lives, we must have confidence that we are in God’s hands.

Replace the lies of the world with God’s promises for your future. When you feel as if you can’t make it through, remind yourself that the weight is not yours to carry alone. When you’re caught up in fear or loneliness, remember that your Father walks with you, wherever you go. When you’re at your wit’s end, remember that you don’t have to shoulder the burden by yourself.

You are seen. You are loved. You are a child of God. Please stop believing the lies of the world and remember who you are, and who created you.

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