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Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Say


Brooke L.

"Thank you so very much for these beautiful gifts my boys will always have!"


"Thank you for the beautiful sign donated to our event. It was a true favorite for the raffle."

Liesl T.

"We cannot express enough how much we love our sign. Every morning since we received it, it has been a reminder of our journey and the confirmation of the blessings that have been poured into our lives. Thank you for all the prayers and work that went into this beautiful piece."

Sonia L.

"You and your team are amazing & truly gifted. The PS team is a blessing to everyone they work with!"

Tammy V.

"It turned out just perfect!! Everyone absolutely loved it!! God bless you."

Julie T.

"I am overwhelmed with joy at the thought of you giving such a personal & precious gift to my son, Philip."


"We prayed & so did their team of people who don't know us. These are the attributes they came up with for us. I cried when I first saw the list. Some are healing words I really needed/need to hear & see. It has been such a blessing to go through the experience of ordering these!"

Kellie P.

"We got the sweetest gift!


Thank you so much for these perfect prayers and virtues! What a beautiful statement to our faith and to each other, as we start our life together!!

Thank you."

Julie E.

"It is amazing that some of the virtues you have listed are identical ones that have been brought to my heart as well."

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