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Baby Blanket

While you’re changing diapers, God is changing little hearts
While you’re bathing bodies, God is bathing souls
When you gently correct and teach, God is showing them His mercy & grace
When you rock & sing to your babies, God is releasing destiny and purpose over them
You are shaping future leaders and world changers, and all the while God is shaping you


These are the prophetic words that our founder, Amber Colberg, was given just a few years after Prayerful Signs began. One of the places we most frequently see our Custom Name Designs is in nurseries or babies' rooms, hung on the walls or framed above cribs as a reminder of the Lord's desire for that baby's life.


So much life happens in the cozy, quiet, peaceful places in our homes—rooms, nurseries, and cribs. But babies are also in other places—strollers, car seats, and on chests.


Thus, the idea of baby blankets was born—to travel with that child wherever he or she may wander or rest sharing words of God's prophecy, love, and truth.

Baby Blanket



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